Friday, November 10, 2006

So I just finished a rushed time for me in school. The good news is that the core classes I Ased the exams. The electives were accually more difficult and one of them was a paper I had to complete. Hopefull it'll pan out well.

So the garage is coming along. For the past few hours i've been taking down the tracks. At one point the 300lb door almost crashed down, but I held it together. Hopefully tomarrow well get a few guys together and build the wall.

So I'm going to a DCrowder thing tonight. I didn't even pay for the ticket, and quite frankly, DCrowder thinks my name is Duke. yeah...I got to meet him once out in waco TX. Most would rever this moment when they get to meet the oh holy one of praise music. Yet I figured I'd stick it to the man, and not even tell him my real name. He said back, "duke, nice to meet you". haha, in my own little way, I took advantage of the person that writes all the songs that I, the music, has to play for my job.

I'm still thinking about girls like always. I'm just a little discouraged. I found out my dream girl "Diana the Dignified" is no longer single. I also found out that Ashley the Adorable is also "in a relationship". Thanks facebook.

I always think that I'm not doing something right. Perhaps i'm not. Perhaps I'm just built different. Perhaps I have a solo purpose for a while.

I have no life within me. The life that IS within me is not of me, but is of Christ. I owe my whole life to Him, for he will give me life after the Life. I have nothing to complain.


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