Saturday, October 07, 2006

Will I ever reach the point where I'm not thinking for my best interest? Will I ever reach the point where I'm able to look at my pretty girlfriend because I love her, want to serve her, and am genuinly interested in her? Or perhaps I will fail once again into the trap of self-centered ambitions of having a cute girl by my side.

It seems that there alot of very down to earth people out there that I never come into contact with. And to think that there are all these down to earth cute girls out there that for some reason I'm not interacting with and getting to know...could be possible an illusion of my mind. Because certainly, many of these attractive women are not on same page as I am, and have totally different ambitions and passions. Thier political views alone would hint that those girls wouldn't be wife material. If the world were an equall place, I could go for any girl that caught my eye, but if I put away those perfect ideals in my head of "how it should be", then I find that I'm not at all wrong for where I am.

I'm single, kinda a loner, and still wondering why I can't seem to find a soul mate, or a female friend to get a secound take on things. I don't really hang out with girls as friends, and I'm not sure why. I really would like to change this. I don't know alot of things and I guess I'll have to move on without that understanding.


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