Tuesday, October 10, 2006

monday, the day after sunday

not much happened, studied all day for a exam i have tomarrow. more to life than this. i quit for tonight.

the neighbor hates me. she hate's because I'm young. she hates my lifestyle, and the fact that I'm not settled down.

i asked a girl to lunch the other day. she said no. i tried, and i'm glad i did. it felt great.

tonight i had dinner out on the deck. moved the table out there.

we sprayed insulation into the attic the other day. i can feel a difference.

had my eye on Miss Georgous from church. her clevage was showing. realized it pry wouldn't ever work out.

people found matt. 5 simple and boring. they're right, simple it is...so profound. verses still ringing in my head. overtones of those simple truths still showing up. by the post office, by the train, by the bus. matt. 5 is everywhere.


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