Saturday, September 02, 2006

So I've had a pretty interesting weekend. Yesterday evening a friend of my sisters came up to visit her, so it was kinda cool just to see someone from down south. I've also spent some time with my sister because of it as well, so it works out.

I've had a few great discussions with people over the past couple of days too. I started school tues and even sence then I've been blessed to not get stuck at home alone. I've had someone each night to hang with or talk to. School by the way is great. All my classes are on tuesday and thursday, from 11 to 5. I have a 4 day weekend, plus wednesday off. Sweet. This may be a chance to try some new things in the ministry I'm trying to kick off.

Tuesday night we played at crusade. It was rediculous. Ya know I'm there to serve and do a good job at what I do. I still felt gratified although my efforts didn't seem to matter too much. Just as it always was with that group. No one cared about the band, it was just there. They expected it, and never showed appriciation. Back in my sophmore year I feel back into my hopeless romantic state because of this. I would constantly see people that could potentially be my friends. I also saw some beautiful young ladies, yet there was always a hint of arrogance or some kind of barrier that I just could get though. I never felt cool enough for them. To this day, I keep in contact with absolutly no one from that group. It's like they just didn't care. Not one bit.

Wednesday night ponce came over and hung out. It was a good time. I had some wine, and i was in a pretty good mood. He ended up spending the night, and I felt good being able to provide and help someone out. Even if it wasn't saving his life or anything, it was just something very small perhaps. Little things reflect the big thigns I guess.

Earier that night josh came over on a whim. We hung out for a several hours, talking about this or that. It was a great time of conversation and encouragment. We see eye to eye on a lot of things. He's 26, and brings a fresh light to a lot of things. He also told me about a web site called boundless. It's great. I've been reading off that for a little bit. It has a lot of great little articles about different topics. All of them are driven towards the 20 somethings demographic.

thursday I had a great day at school. everything went pretty well. It's good to be back. That night my friend Steve came over. I know him from way back when in the school of music. We had a good time just chilling...literarlly. We sat out back just looking up into the sky and talking about the different crap that happens in our day. Eventually we went inside and started taling about the supernatural. We ended up talking for at least two hours on that alone, and had a great disscusion about it. It didn't spare anything, in fact, I ended up making a good bit of sence. Some times the things I say come out like a bundle of random ideas. He had a ton of great thing to say as well.

Friday I redid my bathroom, see below. The night went great. My roomate found out he got a job, so he was happy. ...ya know, like a real job, one you get with your college edj. So we had some friends over, and had some beers and wine to celebrate. It was funny, cause my sister was there. I knew this would happen, where the image would shift a litle bit from when she knew me as a high school student, to who I am today. It's not a bad shift, but one that's more mature, one that's more liberated from the crap that we put up with in our home town. One that's free. I also mowed the lawn on friday as well.

Today we took megans friend along with a few others to quodba. All enjoyed. It was neat.

I'm about to get outa here for tonight. Get me my dose of Sal-laSA!


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