Wednesday, August 09, 2006

ya know I reciently have been extreamly blessed with a very dear companionship. What I'm saying is that I have a girlfriend now, and it's been a new set of emotions that come along with it. She's from Tampa, and myself from tallahassee. How is that going to work? or whatever. How do I spend time, yet give space.....all those things I've asked myself in the past couple weeks, and we accually have talked and worked out some different ideas on issues. It's almost because we can see a challenge of being in two different cities is forcing us to think more effective for the relationship and focus on what we have to work with. I think it's very good though....anyway my plan wasn't to tell the whole world what's going on in my personal life, yet touch on something a little different.

Some of my friends are excited/happy for me, and it's all good. They have reason to be, she's an incredible woman. However I accually got someone laughing at me, because they just flat out didn't believe that this whole thing was true. He thought it was a joke, and I let him go on and make his own conclusions about it. I didn't even defend myself, and quite frankly, I have nothing to defend. I'm confident in the facts, so there is no thret. No need to defend. Let the others die to those conclusions. Anyways....I at first found this halarious. Oh was it going to be so good when the truth came out. I even told her this, and sure it was funny then. I think what makes it so funny is that we all know each other, so it's very clear to them of who this girl is. Perhaps he doughted that I could, or just didn't believe in me. Didn't believe that I could accually attract and have a intellegent conversation with a woman. I don't know. I just think back to the years of unspoken thoughts. Eventually you figure them all out. It's just like a siloette. (sp?) You can see what you don't see, because of the lack of light. This all got me thinking of why I put up with this abuse.

It seems in a world where everything is coming together to function for one purpose, this is the one thing that simply pays the bills. that's it.


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