Sunday, August 06, 2006

When your day comes

when your day comes...don't forget the nights that you've already lived through. don't forget the things you learn along the way. Don't let those lessons learned, be lessons wasted. Don't let them blow away like a past memory. don't let the blessings of the day let you forget who you are in the night. It was in the night you learned who you were and what you were made of. It was in the night that your Father gave you inspiration for your music. You'd wake up the next morning and not believe what happened last night, and that you didn't write something like that. Kind of like the authors of the Bible, it was the Truth that wrote it. That's why your name means "In Truth". In the night, a single light can illuminate an area. A light does the most good among darkness, but in the light it does nothing. This is the world you are called to. Your called to the darkness of the world. The uncharted territories. This is your mission.

Don't let go of all this, just because things are good. Don't get too comfortable with yourself. Don't forget who you are in the Truth. Take in all those blessings and enjoy it as much as you can. Know that this is only something directly from God himself, and that it's not just of chance. Giver her some space, because she has that right. She has your respect. Make sure you act like it. Don't ever loose sight of the big picture. F the american way of life. That "life" only has fake things that mimic the real life you can find in His Kingdom. Everyday you wake, looking forward to seeing what God can do today. Each moment you know that the things you say are being watched by your Father. Know that you can be on the front line if you want to be. Gosh don't water things down. those people need the thing that you carry. They just don't know it. Perhaps they'll reject you, but that's love isn't it. Love sometimes doesn't get loved back. What do we have to loose, our Father already put it all on the line. He said, "I'll die and pay the price, even if they won't accept what I'm giving them". He offered His love long ago, yet so many reject his love each day. His love is still there as a hard fact of history. Galgotha can testify to this and it's blood stained dirt. I guess some love will just be thrown away and never taken in. Never appriciated.

Don't ever forget the things that define you, but enjoy the blessings when they come your way. This is the life that He was talking about. It's not just for when you can live that happiness right now. You can live that life now.


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