Sunday, August 13, 2006

How can you justify loving someone if there is a possibility of it never being returned? But then again, loving for the sake of personal gain wouldn't be love at all. Is it really a bad thing to expect to be loved?

I think love is that you give your care to that person, without the expectation of return. So, can you waste love? I think you can waste effort, but you can't waste love. If you think love was wasted, then it wasn't love in the first place now was it?

I can't be a slave to this as I once was. Gone are the days where I was hopeless romantic. That was my flesh. Here are the days that I live free. I'm free because I no longer have to live by the normalcy of this world. I have been bought with a price, yet I am free because now I have an ability to deny my own flesh. I am no longer a slave to romance.

Whatever she wants I will respect. However, this has just begun. I have not given up.

Re Vera


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