Monday, August 28, 2006

Here's something I wrote in my main journal back in march. A lot of this stuff I think is good to think about.

It seems as if I'm in all the wrong places. I believe in having confidence in what you do have, but it just seems as if I've missed the mark. I looked on a girls profile, and I know several of her friends, and there even doing like activities that I could easily fit in the same kinda group, but no....I'm in a completly different planet. Our paths have only crossed once or twice and that's it. Ya know, i'm goign to write her a note on facebook...hold on. haha, I think that went pretty well. I mentioned Brad a collegue of hers in a singing group. I was just thinking how if you really do love someone, you'd be willing to be an unsung hero. If that person went on to be with someone else that was more fitting, or perhaps because of the circumstances, was unable to be wtih you, you would with good intent be happy for her. Not because your a good sport, but because you love her. It's like adoption, or passing on a child to extended family. If you are in poverty with a 2 year old and have the oppertunity to pass your child on to your father in law for care, would you do it. if there were someone in your family that would almost garuntee success in that childs life, would it be worth you letting go? At what point to you sacrific for the other?

A man with ambition has no time for family, yet when the time comes to have a family does that mean his life and ambitions have to stop? some men are bad fathers because they're consumed with thier passion or goals. At what point do you break your own abitions to give your offsping a better chance of thier own. And if they return the same style of parenting to your grandchildren does anything ever get done? Is it possible to be both, and father and a man of amition and great accomplishment? There may come a time where I have to set down the musician carrer full of traveling and playing on the road, and stay at home. Which is what I'd like to do anyway, but as an example, my family and my responsibilties there would inhibit a full effort towards my carrer goals. Perhaps it's only relative. I guess in the end it's love that gives the child over to adoption, it's love that makes a father put aside his ambition to raise a child right. it's love that is the unsung hero. It's that sound of Love, that singing, that will live in the minds of those offspring who follow.

Love is willing to let go Progression of the mind and degression of the pysical world


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