Saturday, August 05, 2006


It's seems like the mind progresses forward as the world around us falls apart. Our bodies age, and things fall apart and break after years of use. Some how our minds mature with the same age that takes a toll on our body. The mind progresses, grows, and learns. It's almost as if our minds are not of this world and it's rules of degrading, yet somehow programed differently to reflect something greater....something not of this world.

Movie theaters are filled with stories of the underdogs rising to the top. The average guy landing the miss america, or the basket ball team from the bronx going head to head with the private schools in Manhattan. Storys of this, are replayed and replayed almost as if the world want's to believe in something of hope but they just don't know what that hope is. They want to believe that there is something, or someone out there that will bring justice to the world, and set things right. This world is full of curse peoples, for things they can't help but avoid. Those of us that know the Truth, know the Answer.

I pray to the Answer, that each day I will be an ambassidor of the Truth. If I would be so honored, I'll go as far as He'll take me.

Re Vera


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