Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Preps for Renovations

So I went over to a house today to check out the hardwood floor. Really I'm speaking of laminate here, but for most of you, it's the same thing. Laminate is accually fake, but still looks like wood and much more durible. So I'm going to put some in my house in tallahassee. Should look real classy. Ya know the type of look that you got style. So I'm exciting about this. It's like new start for me. A new major in college, new house, and new beginnings for bad habits that have creeped up.

Currently I hate cooking, we have roaches, and I'm really not motivated at all to do anything in the kitchen. My new kitchen has tile counter tops that look really really sharp. Great kitchen, brand new appliences, and after we do the new flooring, I think it's goign to be a huge face lift for hte house. It will feel brand new. Crap, an older home was the way to go. Sure fix it up your self, but save money in the long run.

Looking forward to being able to practice as much as I want. Currently, someone's alwasy watching the dang tv. I own the tv I might add. I always feel like i'm disrupting the rest of the house when I play drums. what the crap.

It's time to get control of life again. Pull myself together.


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