Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Christain Woman

Here's what I think of Christian college girls. A waste of time. Sure they're great girls, but don't even try to ask one of them out, cause if she's not ready to marry you, then that would be vulgar to go on a date. So she trys to avoid you in a nice way, giving you a smile and a "we'll see" about that idea you came up with for this weekend. It's the kinda smile well known to middle class suburbia, the kind that she learned from her parents, where the whole economy thrives on patting each other's back, and being politically correct. You check on the facebook and it says she's "looking for friends". The next week she's with some guy, that just happened to somehow crack his way in the hidden agenda of Mrs. Spiritutal here. So he ends up with the girl, only because he played some stupid board game, watched Princess Bride three times or just happens to work at chick fillet too! ...christain fastfood! They both shop at Lifeway, and listen to JoyFM. Yeah sure, they do all the pop stuff too, but that's point of this isn't it. In the end it was this huge attempt to have a more religious, Godly, and "right" way of dating. In the end, Christians are living no different from non, and in fact the devorse rates are about the same. What gives?

You see my point is that the christain girls i've come in contact with expect to find thier husband while on a mission trip in Peru. It's there that they'll find a young man, who is "on fire for God", whatever that means. That's just a bunch of crap, that goes round and round, until someone has to stand up and say "stop!". How much longer will we be smiling at our friends and saying where "fine", when we're crying for help inside. How much longer will we ignore the opposite sex, just because of a fear of leading each other on. A fear of taking it too religious and taking things too seriously. You see, you wouldn't take a christain girl out on a date just for fun. I've heard that she'll take it too serious and that's just toying with her heart. "She" says no to the idea ahead of time, and "he" doens't even try, cause he knows the rights and wrongs. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is use to the idea, and there's really not a problem.

I'm not making this up. BCM, and Campus Crusade for Christ of the FSU campus have been notorious for people not dating within the group. Ask one of the locals!

At the Crusade conference in panama city that we played at for two weeks. They had a "Diner of Love" that they made into a fun thing to do during the mettings. They competed for a prize, which was to get a seat for yourself, and a person of your choice to sit with you in the "Diner of Love". The idea was a 50's idea to "I'm a guy, your a girl...let's hold hands" kinda thing. Simple puppy love. So you win a seat and you pick a girl you noticed the other night, easy right? nope. They accually had to enforce people to pick the opposite sex, cause all the girls would pick thier girl friends, and if a guy one, he'd pick his bro. Can we not enjoy life for what it is?

I've been around for 4 years, so i'm not drawing this stuff up. What the crap? Why?


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