Thursday, May 11, 2006


So tonight I went out to walmart at midnight and a half, and just went for a walk around the store. I had some things on my mind, and just needed a breather. Quite honestly I just needed to get out, and go for a little drive. While I was there, I noticed the posterboards. I decided to pick up a few, so I could do some of my art if I felt like it. Over the years I've kinda developed my own style of blacklight art. Very simple and abstract, but effective I think. Basicly take some neon poster board, and cut out the shapes to make up a face or whaterver you want. In the end you have this minimalistic-abstract thing that glows in the dark. Looks cool. Anyone that knows me well enough will know that all this art I make up really means something. One piece I made 3.5 years ago, I still have kept, and as of now, it's my make-due cd art. Partly cause it says something about me, and that spirit of artistic value still holds true.

So I was thinking, cause i'm going to have this hardwood thing going on, I figured it'd be cool to make my family room like an art gallery or something. Kinda like a loft, but with a house slant. So then I start thinking about art, and how cool woud it be, sence I'm on a pretty tight budget, to do my own art. Crap, I could even have blacklights on a the family room/dinning room area. Then have some spots come down from the ceiling that shine on the walls. yeah.

Well anyway, it'll be good.


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