Thursday, May 18, 2006

Alone Together

Here's something I wrote a few weeks ago while on a short trip. I'm reposting it, just to keep it together with the rest of my blog. Enjoy.

Well, I'm over 600 miles from home, and stuck in some random city on the coase, playing in front of people I don't know. Sure it's great, and it's a ministry. It's exciting to play professionally, but your aways away from your friends and family. No time for side projects, no chance to get to know new friends. In that sence, the 5 of us, are alone together. Our guitarist is getting married in a few months, so were all excited with him about that. Seems like if I just had someone to call, all would be well. I'm just disturbed.

The other thursday night I asked the guys, who could I find a spouse that would be serious about Christ. It seems nothing short of a miracle to find a woman that fits well with my odd personallity. You can say in modern terms would compare winning the lotto to find a woman that has simular ministry ambitions.

Gosh, my church is only about 40-50 people. The grand idea of finding my wife in the church has long passed. The whole idea of the church in my mind has gone to crap. All full of BS, and fake smiles. Fake laughs and jokes to impress. After you've wasted over an hour singing songs you lost your appeal for, and sat through a sermon that you'll soon forget, you excheange anecdotes between some random people, and go about your life. See you next week you say, and that's that. Honestly I'm tired of the crap. Alot of people go to church, cause it's the "place to be". A great youth group, called "the zone", and a twenties something ministry called "Excellerate". Motion graphics and cool lighting, all which make you get the impression your doing well in this church life of yours. What about your real life?

Recently it's been brought to my attention that I could be doing a whole lot more with myself. Tallent that is unused, and words never spoken. I let people wonder in the streets looking for food, and women get abuse in bars, and I don't do anything. A couple words come to mind to take action: courage, balls, no secound thoughts, follow your heart. Gosh, if only I would have done this, I might be in a whole different world.


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Stratton said...

thanks for your honesty. its quite refreshing.


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